Saturday, November 19, 2005


One of the most frustrating things about performance is not only trying to get better, but being able to measure advancement. A couple of weeks ago I had a long talk with my soul brother Bruce Cassidy and another with Ian McDougall. Bruce said looking me straight in the eye."You have developed an annoying vibrato which you use all the time. Stop doing that and take your own advice!" Ian said the same thing several days later. They both think I play alright but when you work on your own it is easy to develop stupid habits. Another thing I was doing was practicing to loudly. There is a story of Cat Anderson the scream lead player with Duke. On the day before the gig at night he used to warm up by playing as softly as possible. This really works wonders. I now have no vibrato unless I want one, and then I use the slide only. I am explaining this because.
(1) Never give up on yourself and always try to get better.
(2) Always take lessons. and never be satisfied.
(3) Never stop listening to everything, especially how you sound to others, not just you.


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