Monday, September 26, 2005

trombone basics

(1) Put air through the horn and consider the sound starting about three feet in front of the bell. This will give you great projection of your sound.
(2) Always fill your lungs full of air. Do this from the bottom up rather like a rain barrel filling full of water. Even if you have 32 bars test to a mp note followed by another 32 bars rest or whatever. After the note exhale.
(3) Always breath and blow. Don't hold the air in this creates tension. Tension in playing is very bad because it stops the body from doing what is natural. IE Breathing.
(3) Don't try to impress anybody. Just ignore the audience/jury/friends whatever. That way you will play better because the pressure to perform will br off. Think of how Miles used to perform, even with his back to the audienc


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