Wednesday, September 28, 2005

How to play 'Modern' jazz trombone

(1) I started off playing in a traditional jazz group. This was easy since all the tunes followed a similar format. ei 'Blues or AABA sort of thing. Also they were all in keys that everyone was comfortable with. Bb Eb F etc; This is fine but in order to play jazz trombone you need other stuff. Try playing all the tunes you know in B or F# or A This can be done if you get to play with a rock group since most guitar players play in E, A, or F# anyway. However in order to learn on your own since we can't get to play with other people all the time, try this. Practice 'Sweet Georgia Brown' in every key. This is a short cut to learning without reading jazz patterns. It's a lot more productive to learn this stuff without reading it. Certainly faster.
(2) When you practice, if you play for ten minutes then rest for ten minutes. If you practice for an hour, take an hour off. This way you can do four hours a day in an eight hour period without just blowing into the horn. Oh! another thing. If you have the Abersold albums then play along with one track then stop and read something classical. That way you won't get bored but you will be more productive. Time is the only commodity you have don't forget.
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